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The Happy Woman Rules

Track Him, Trick Him, Trap Him!

Meeting Him

Show up at as many social occasions as you can-- you're not going to meet Mr. Right in your bathtub!

Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, river cruises, office parties—even funerals (you stand a good chance of meeting at least one unattached person) are terrific hunting grounds. Crashing bachelor parties, cruising strip joints and peep shows are ideal ways of meeting unattached and attached (you can deal with that later) men.

Mr. Right may already be in your life! Look at the men around you. Think of the intimate bonds you have already forged with your lawyer, accountant and gynecologist.


Fast Food Weight Loss Challenge

Inspired by that big mawed Subway hawker Jared, Celia Pratt our fashion editor thought it would be a hoot to dip a toe in the Health and Fitness pool and try a fast food experiment on her own. Our Health and Fitness editor Joan Dryden interviewed Celia Pratt in the very stylish HW office.

Joan: Celia tell me about your little experiment.

Celia: Well Joan- first off before we go any further do you mind removing that neck scarf? Your neck is so short it looks like your head is ready for harvesting.

Anyway, we took three fa... uh, "generously proportioned" (Gawd a person can't even open their mouth these days!) and had them pick their fave fast food franchise. We did a weigh in and then had them eat nothing but their fave for a whole month.

Joan: How did you monitor their progress, did you have a nurse or a doctor keep tabs?

Celia: No, they're interns so we just sent them home with a tablet of paper and a couple of 2Bs. We told them to keep a diary and come back in a month. But.... drumroll please (Gawd that's funny because this is going to be written down isn't it ?And how do you spell drrrrrrrrrrrrrr) here are the results!


Get in Shape with Ballroom Dancing

By Mike Boone

There are many accepted ways to work up a sweat but there's only one that allows you to do it while wearing high heels. Ballroom dancing takes many forms and therefore it is easy to accomplish an entire workout by utilizing only a few of the most basic steps.

The Waltz

The gentleman steps forward with the left foot then asks the lady for a dance. She turns slightly and answers, "No!" He shifts his weight; steps back with his right foot and closes his feet to the starting position as he makes his way back to the stag line. He sits down and tries to look cool. This part alone can induce a participant to easily sweat off four or five pounds.

The lady will do the same thing except she begins with the second step and winks at the bartender who just happens to look exactly like Mel Gibson. MORE


HW_Free Fill in the Blanks Iron-Clad Prenuptial Agreement

 By Elizabeth Hanes

Exclusively for HW readers, we offer this boilerplate prenuptial agreement to protect your assets (and get all of his) for prospective brides from all walks of life. Simply print this out, fill in the blanks, sign it, and stash it someplace safe where he can't get his hands on it but you can easily find it when he reaches his financial peak. MORE