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Origami Duck*

By Anna Won

*First off, this has nothing to do with your recipe for Sauce Provencal - that's oregano

Books are always a problem. You can ignore them, you can cover them with your pashmina, but you'll never have that apple-pie feeling until you put them to some use. So tear out the pages and prepare to become interesting and creative:

Step 1 Fold a page in half This is known as a 'mountain fold' and it certainly is an undertaking


Step 2 Flip it upside down Turn your new creation the other way up (hang in there, we're nearly done)


Step 3 Flap it like a madwoman Pinch the lower middle section [1] and wave it up and down (a long-sleeved top will minimise any dinner-lady arm problem)


About the Origami Master:

Anna Won is an anti-neo/retro feminist and can be contacted here.