EST. May 2000 (AD)


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Do it Yourself! Paint Can Personal Photo Hats!!

By Sharon Grehan-Howes

This season, paint is rolling off the walls and onto the runway as fashionable femmes flip their lids for Paint Can Personal Photo Hats!!

Dre Coison, fashion arbiter and bonzai breeder predicts"What the Mao Cadet Cap is to people with elegant pointy pin heads, la peinture peut des chapeaux will be to people with massive clunky potato heads. It's all about proportion and distraction"

These beautiful buckets are selling in Paris boutiques for beaucoup bucks but we, your slim and lovely friends at HW have created a step by step guide so that our large-headed lovelies can be strutting in style in no time!

What you will need:

Paint can (s) if making more than one. (For example, if you are making 3 hats you will need three tins. If you are making 2 hats you will need two tins. If you are making 4 hats you will need 4 tins, if you are making 5 hats you will need 5 tins, if you are making 6 hats you will need 6 tins, if you are making 7 hats you will need 7 tins, if you are making 8 hats you will need eight tins, and so on.)






Tips from the pros: It is recommended that you empty the paint cans first and give the inside a quick rinse.

1 Peel off the label, and scrape off any excess paint.

2 Remove the metal handle.

3 Choose some photographs that best represent the essence of you. If you can't choose ask a neighbour.

4 If you are right handed it is best to put the scissors in the right hand and turn with the left. Reverse the process if you are left handed.

5 When you have cut out all of the photos lay them flat on a coffee table or any other flat surface (the floor is also very flat as is the kitchen table) make sure you have the photos facing up (toward you) or it won't make any sense

6 Place a photo against the paint can to determine where it should be positioned. Special Note: It will not stick because you have not used any glue. It may help to trace the photo (with a pencil or pen, not your finger) so you can remember positioning.

7 Very carefully open the bottle of glue. It will be very sticky. Place a small dab (about the size of a pea) on the back of the photo. (The back of the photo is the opposite of the image side). Try not to test the glue with your tongue as glue can be toxic.

8 Gently place the photo on the paint can. It should stick. If the photo sticks to your hand, you must have put the glue on the front of the photo in which case you will have to start over.Be sure to wash your hands.

9 When you have successfully glued a photo repeat all the steps until the paint can is covered. (With photos.)

10 Allow the can to dry for 48 hours then try the can on. If it keeps slipping over your eyes, that means it is too big and you will have to glue small pieces of foam to the inside. (Wait for the glue to dry before trying it on again). If the can is too small, then that means your head is far too big and that you will need a longer ribbon.

11 Once the hat has been sized, attach a ribbon to the little holes at each side where the metal handle used to be.

12 You will find that the ribbon is usually bigger than the holes, but don't give up. By a process known as Twisting, the ribbon will actually become thinner.

13 Hold the ribbon in your left hand (if you are right handed) and rotate your right hand. Twist until the ribbon is the right size.(Reverse if you are left handed.)

14 Insert one end into the hole. (You will have to tie it or it will slip back out ). Then tie the ribbon to the other hole.

Voila!!! You've got yourself a Paint Can Hat!!!!