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How to Snap Your Fingers

By Karen Nehama

Whether you need to get the cat's attention or wish to express your approval after listening to a beat poetry session, being able to snap your fingers is a handy skill to have. Beginners will find the following pointers helpful for mastering this useful task.

You will need:

A hand in working order


  1. Hold your dominant hand in front of you as if you were about to shake hands with someone.
  2. Bend the elbow of your extended arm toward you until the elbow rests lightly against your ribs.
  3. Firmly press the pad of your thumb against the upper third pad of your middle finger.
  4. Strike the thumb upward rapidly against the middle finger as though your thumb was a match and your middle finger was a sulfur-infused ignition strip on a matchbook.
  5. Practice repeatedly until a snapping sound is produced.

Tips for success: Do not apply hand lotion to your hands before attempting a snapping motion with your fingers. Trim very long thumbnails to avoid painful friction between the thumb and middle finger.

Instructional Video:

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