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EST. May 2000 (AD)




Aging Supermodels: Their tragic stories in their own words

By Sharon Grehan-Howes


It's strange one minute you are jet-setting all over the world attending the most incredible parties, meeting the most amazing people and the next you find yourself plunked back down in a humdrum everyday existence. Just because you committed the cardinal sin of aging.

I didn't feel any different, in fact I felt great but as the assignments dropped off I had to come to terms with the harsh realities of my profession.

I decided after my career ended that getting an education was a top priority.

It was a difficult decision as I had been away from school for quite a few years. I worked very, very hard, attended summer school and worked with a tutor until finally I caught up with my people my own age.

It will be such a joy to graduate with my friends and move on to junior high.

Linda Seron

I've had one of the longest cover modeling careers in history. I started at 11 and I was gracing top magazine covers all over the world right up until last year when I got a laugh line.

I've heard that most senior models can move on to runway modeling but it's an area that has never interested me.

I don't really like airports.

I've always been the 'girl next-door' type so it was in keeping with my image that I would opt for a more traditional (some may say boring!) role.

I married an aging rock star and settled in Mustique with my husband and my two little girls; Messiah and Pebla.

Margo Cartwright

It was sooooo weird. One minute you're hot, the next minute you're not.

Immediately after my career ended, I started my own line of designer clothing. I figured there was a market for women like me so I designed a wonderful line for the six foot ninety pound woman.

Unfortunately I only sold six outfits

But I have a new project coming up that I know is a sure fire winner. I've been asked to pen "The Ultimate Supermodel Cookbook".

I just know that will do well.

© Sharon Grehan-Howes

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