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Are You Selfish? Take the Quiz!

By Cynthia King

We all know someone who's selfish. The sister who only calls when she needs money. The obnoxious friend that hogs all the attention at parties. Selfish people come in all shapes and sizes. They are friends, family members, and co-workers. But when is the last time YOU took a good long look in the mirror?

Take the following quiz and find out just how selfish you really are!

1. You're sitting on a crowded bus on your way home from work. A very pregnant woman boards the bus and stands directly in front of you. You:

a.) Stand up immediately and offer her your seat.

b.) Go back to reading your newspaper thinking, "Thank God I'm not that fat."

c.) Ask her to move. She's blocking your exit and you don't want to miss your stop.

2. It's Friday evening after work. You open the fridge and find only one beer left. You:

a.) Leave it for your husband.

b.) Hide it in the back of the fridge so hubby won't find it.

c.) Crack open the beer and decide to finish off the last of the pretzels.

3. Your divorced sister calls. She is going on her first date in two years and needs you to baby sit her twin boys at the last minute. You:

a.) Accept obligingly.

b.) Start making static noises and feign a bad a connection.

c.) Hang up abruptly, unplug the phone, and reach for the remote. You have plans to watch Lifetime television tonight.

4. You've just slipped into a hot, soothing bubble bath when the doorbell rings. A cheerful Girl Scout is at your door selling cookies. You:

a.) Sign up to buy 10 boxes.

b.) Claim you have a rare disease that prevents you from eating cookies and send her on her merry way.

c.) Slam the door. You hate solicitors and are furious that bath time has been interrupted.

5. You're just sitting down to your morning latte at Starbucks. You notice that the woman who recently vacated your table left behind her sunglasses. You:

a.) Run after her and return the glasses pronto.

b.) Push them aside and reach for five sugars.

c.) Slip the glasses on to see if they fit. You've been looking for a pair just like this.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia King is a tech writer turned freelance writer living in New England.

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