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Bend Him to Your Will!

By Rebecca Brock

So now that you've stalked your Mr. Right and persuaded him to fall madly in love with you, what's next? Why, changing every last thing about him, of course. Who wants to live with a Neanderthal who has the inconsideration to fart, burp, and excrete bodily fluids in your presence? Follow these easy steps and turn the man you fought so hard to land into the soulless, emotionless man-bot of your dreams!


One basic rule to remember: no sex unless he showers, loofahs, shaves, deodorizes, and plucks at least two-three times a day. Make sure you have nothing in the bathroom except flowery, girly smelling soap and shampoo, so other women will think he's gay. Nag until he learns how to use a nail clipper and/or belt sander to tame his gargoyle toenails, and do NOT let him touch you until he gets a full manicure with clear polish. Breaking wind in your presence or burping wetly and blowing the scent into your face are grounds for relationship termination and/or murder.

Social Life

How many times have you heard him whine, "But that's a chick flick!"? Or how about, "But the guys want to go to the game tonight!"? A well trained man will never deny you the chance to see "Terms of Endearment: Special Edition" on DVD or claim that he never gets to see his gross, disgusting friends anymore. So how can you break him of his selfish need to do things that he likes to do? Easy…go along with it. Once. Go see "Hot Bloody Macho Fury 3: Dark Reckoning" with him at the movies, but decide as soon as the opening credits roll that now's the perfect time to talk about cramps, your relationship with your mother, or practically anything at all. The most important thing to remember is that you do NOT shut up, no matter what. When he loses his temper, start crying and reminding him that you just wanted to make him happy. The guilt alone should guarantee your choice of activities for your next outing. This works equally well (if not even better) when you invite yourself to a "boys night out." His friends will avoid him if they think you'll automatically come along, and then you'll have him all to yourself, where he can enjoy having you as the center of his universe.


If you can't eat junk food, then neither should he, so whenever you see him eating Twinkies or chugging too many Budweisers, a quick poke in the belly and accompanying 'oink' will help him see the error of his ways. If that's not enough, start groaning in pain whenever you have sex and he rolls on top of you and gasp that you don't know if you can take his weight (and don't give in to his suggestion that you switch positions; being on top is a woman's right, not her second choice!). If all else fails, have your best girlfriends openly make fun of your man whenever they see him. When he whines to you about it, just shrug, look at him with pity, and say, "Well, sweetie…maybe if you cut back on the fill-in-the-blank women might think you were cute again."


Everyone knows that women hold all the power when it comes to sex, so take advantage of it. Deny your boyfriend even the most innocent of kisses or touches whenever he does something boneheaded or inconsiderate. Withhold oral sex at all times-this makes the rare occasions when you do deign to perform it an even more powerful reward-but do not let him get away with not servicing YOU. It's your right as a woman. And whatever you do, do NOT fake orgasms. If you don't have one, then let him know how he's failed you and be sure to let him sense your deep and abiding disappointment in your choice of him as a lover with deep sighs and barely masked sarcasm. He'll be guaranteed to try to do better next time.

No man is perfect, so it's up to women to mold them into the paragons of desire that will be envied by all your girlfriends. Just remember…if he won't bend to your will, it's your right-if not your duty to women everywhere-to make him a broken man.

©Rebecca Brock


Rebecca Brock has recently had stories included in the horror anthologies "Moon Over Madness," "Book of More Flesh," and "Hell Hath No Fury." She is also a research assistant to drive-in movie reviewer Joe Bob Briggs and reviews true crime books at his site (www.joebobbriggs.com). To pay her bills and feed her cats, she works as a library director in southern West Virginia. Write to her at .pbwriter@hotmail.com.

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