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Dogma: How to Dig Up A Date Through Your Dog

By Rebecca Ash

Having trouble sniffing out a mate? Look no further than your toilet bowl for your key to a successful love life. No, you don't need to recycle your dinner; we're not talking diet here. I'm referring to that unconditional lover...your dog. (Note: you may want to refresh Fifi's water bowl before continuing, unless you prefer her new Eau de Toilette.)

Men love a good pooch, and unfortunately I don't mean that stubborn little tummy. For years dogs have been categorized as "man's best friend". Since the discovery of fire, men and dogs have enjoyed a symbiotic existence. They have long admired the domestic dog for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

I hardly need recount the myriad reasons that a dog is a fabulous friend for a woman to have (one word: loyalty). And this friend can actually help you snag Mr. Right! It's no wonder that men are attracted to the canine, but how can you turn that attention your way? No need to beg, I can help show you how.

Sunday In The Park With Fido: Like dogs, men like to roam in packs and frolic in the grass with balls. It's not unusual to find a large throng of fellows gathered in the park, engaged in some form of sport. Take your fluffy friend for a jaunt in the park and you could get more than a happy pup. The best time to check out the park for prospective beaus is on the weekend, specifically Sunday afternoons. Be sure to dress the part; it is not believable to take your dog for a walk in the park wearing stilettos and a mini skirt. Wear comfortable yet flattering clothes such as form fitting yoga pants, a tight white T-shirt and your cutest trainers. Using a prop, like a Frisbee or tennis ball, can get your future boyfriends attention. Simply toss the toy into the group of gents ("Oops!") and let your pet retrieve!

Jogging is more than just a great way to keep toned. By bringing along your dog, you will not only have company (and an alarm against ne'er-do-wells) but a great icebreaker. Do some investigation of different parks in affluent areas and you will undoubtedly discover some eligible bachelors ripe for the picking. Follow the same route your potential mate uses. Feign a charley horse if need be. Your knight in sweating armour will certainly help out an injured animal lover.

Dog parks are a veritable treasure trove of potential dates. The dogs are allowed to run free and amuse themselves, allowing you to run free and amuse yourself. Why not check out the best dog parks and dog runs in your area? Some even offer beginning obedience classes so you can train your pooch while training your eye on a good candidate. It's always good to know who can follow direction and listen (in both men and dogs).

The Look: A person's choice in canine companions conveys a lot about their personality, both yours and a man's. Here is how you can decipher the canine codes:



Men have long been aware that dogs may be the key to the heart. Puppies have always been used as the secret weapon in garnering the hearts of ladies (long before babies). What's good for the goose is good for the gander, after all, and you too can reap the romantic benefits of being a dog enthusiast. So go ahead, throw them a bone. Happy hunting!

© 2005 Rebecca Ash



Rebecca Ash is a nomadic freelance writer and thespian. She lives with her husband and two mini dachshunds, Melody and Emma, in a domicile ruled by the iron paw of the fat feline Queen Bink. It is her dream to someday be able to support her shoe and bag fetish while still being able to pay the cable bill.


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