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Fitness Secrets of the Superstars

By Elizabeth Hanes

It's a new year, and once again you've made "dieting" or "getting in shape" your top resolution, even though we both know you'll be crossing that one off the list the first time you pass a Krispy Kreme shop.

For shame! Why is it that YOU always fail at dieting, yet even B-list celebrities like Shakira seem to have no problem maintaining their goal weight?

We have the answers! Simply follow these fitness secrets of the superstars, and you'll be on your way to Thin City in no time.


The perky hostess of NBC's Today Show is a source of seemingly boundless energy. We wondered how she did it.

"I'm naturally peppy," she told us as she drank her eighth double-espresso shot at a little café in Manhattan, "Peppy, peppy, peppy." Grinning widely, she explained, "I find I need v-v-very little sleep. I can get by on, oh, 30 to 45 minutes a day. 30 to 45 minutes a day. That really frees up time for other activities. Other stuff. Like dieting and exercising."

The daytime diva dropped to the floor of the coffee shop and did a quick 25 push-ups, much to the surprise of our reporter and the diners at the lunch counter. Springing to her feet, Katie said, "I do that several times a day to relieve stress and build upper arm strength, in case I have to reach over and smack Matt Lauer during taping. Not on the air, of course."

"When it comes to diet, I stick to raw foods and coffee. For breakfast, I often enjoy an orange, unpeeled, with five or six pots of the studio's coffee, and lunch might be a large head of cauliflower washed down with a shot of espresso and fourteen cups of 100% Columbian coffee. I don't usually eat dinner because I'm just not that hungry.

Katie then turned and bellowed, "More espresso, dammit" at the counterman before sprinting out the door, presumably to jog the 27 blocks to Rockefeller Center for her next taping


"Staying fit is a real issue for me," Catherine told us. "I mean, most days I can't even walk at a good clip when I'm shopping because I have to wait for Michael, doddering along behind me. And making love ten or twelve times a day doesn't burn nearly as many calories and he said it would.

So how does the beautiful movie star keep her gorgeous figure?

"I'm not shy about eating," she asserts. "I mean, every morning I get up and have a Cheerio, a couple cups of coffee; I might even look at a piece of toast. After that, I spend two hours exercising. Sometimes I briskly walk from one end of the mansion to another, or I might brush my long, thick black hair - which really tones my upper arms. And several times a day, I make it a point to bend down and pick up my son instead of having the nanny hand him to me. That helps me keep a trim waistline.


The pop princess turned movie starlet has every reason to stay in shape these days, what with a hot movie career and her upcoming wedding to Ben Affleck. Being so busy, how does she possibly find time to exercise? We caught up with Jennifer at a video shoot in L.A. recently.

"I'm so in love with Ben right now, it's pretty easy to stay motivated not to overeat," Jenny told us while eyeing a handsome electrician on the set. "I love to cook, which is nice because I can control the quality of what I put in my mouth." She winked at an assistant director and licked her lips. "It's important to me that food is tasty while being as low-fat as possible," she said, pausing a moment to rub herself up and down against a makeup artist re-powdering her for the next scene.

"Ben and I like to exercise together," she explained, blowing kisses at a muscular dancer on the other side of the set and silently mouthing what appeared to be the words "later, later" until he nodded and slipped away. "We practice yoga every day because it helps us focus our energy forces and meld them into one. Together, we're unstoppable," she smiled, leaning across to tongue kiss us. "When you have found your life partner, it's so much easier to stay in control. I think that's the key."

That's all there is to it, ladies! Remember: if they can do it, so can you.

©2003 Elizabeth Hanes

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