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Job Hunting:
Do's and Don'ts

Don't make repeated references to "the man".

Don't ask for your resume back as that is your only copy.

Don't take the Fifth Amendment on anything.

Don't ask they if they check references before you provide them.

Don't tell the interviewer you were fired from your last job because you were indispensible.

Do show up on time for the interview, don't ask them how long it's going to take because you are so hungover you really need a nap.

Don't call the interviewer "Cookie" or " Toots"

Don't ask if they fire employees for stealing.

Do tell them the reason for leaving your last job but don't tell them it was part of a conspiracy.

Don't ask the interviewer if there are any "babe's" working there.

Don't try to skirt answers, for example: if you are asked if you have ever been charged with sexual harassment don't say "it depends on what you mean by sexual harrassment".

Don't tell the interviewer when you are asked what your goals are, that you would like to have a job like theirs because it is so easy.

Don't ask them at the interview if it is possible to get an advance on your wages.

When they ask you what type of job you are seeking don't ask them to guess.



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