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Men Reveal Their Surprising Bedroom Desires!

By Connie Mulholland

Gone are the days when men were too intimidated or ashamed to admit what really turned them in bed. Now men are speaking out and communicating their desires, even if they might be a bit out of the norm.

"Men now want to optimize their sexual experiences", explains Dr. Herbert Gurth, a top Sexual Therapist at Wacker's Health Center. "Males are evolving and becoming more open to reveal their sexual fetishes to their partners. It's a very liberating time for men. Ten years ago these fetishes would've been considered stupid or even disgusting by women. Now it's looked at as a romantic or bonding experience."

Women may often feel a little uneasy of the male's behavior or request at first. "When Tom started hog calling me during sex I was a little horrified," says Lisa 23. "It was a scene right out of the movie Deliverance. Then I noticed how turned on he became and surprisingly I got turned on too!"

Although some women may find their lover's odd turn ons a turn off at first, partners should be open-minded to it. "Be patient, give it a chance. No matter how off-the-wall it may seem." adds Dr. Gurth, "You may end up having the best sex of your life." Exploring your lover's fetish could be daunting, but a leap of faith could lead to a big pay-off. After all when it comes to weird, consensual sex, it's all good.

Men Speak Out

Surprising Sexual Turn ons

"Believe it or not I love it when a girl farts during sex. I love that I can make her lose all control over herself."

- Michael Carter, 25

Chartered Accountant

"I go crazy when my wife calls me 'Thor'. I feel like a strong, take-no-prisoners warrior who's ready to ravage a woman. It drives her wild too. Her ex-boyfriend having the same name is purely co-incidental."

- Martin Samuels, 45


A woman dressing up like a man is a big turn-on for me. I love when she pretends to be a Wall Street businessman. It's like being with a man, without being with one because that would be gay."

- Tony Hendricks, 28

Hair Stylist

"I love when my girlfriend's body parts slap together when we have sex. It sounds like she's applauding me. It makes me feel like I'm doing a good job."

- Scott Warner, 30

Automotive Sales

©2006 Connie Mulholland



When not chasing men to confess their secret desires, Connie Mulholland is the author of Sexual Addiction Therapy at Wacker's Health Center: Get Over Our Name and Get on with Your Life. In her spare time she cares for her husband and three children and in Burlington, Ontario.



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