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Let Happy Woman Pick the Perfect Vacation for You!


Answer true or false to the following:

You are often heard saying "some of my best friends are (insert nationality here) but..." or "we kicked your butt in W.W.11"

You like to convert people to Chrisitanity.

When travelling you are often heard to ask "what's that weird smell?"

You like to brag about the size of your fridge.

You find foreigners quaint and funny.

You find it rude when traveling abroad when people speak in a foreign language.

If the national anthem of the country you are visiting starts playing, you feel it is your patriotic duty to drown it out with your own.

You have a friend, who had a friend and her cousin visited Mexico. He ordered a pepperoni pizza. When the pie arrived they discovered it actually contained pieces of a Chiauhua's nose. You not only do not question that story you repeat it often.

You refuse to even consider a restaurant that doesn't have "Grand Slam" anywhere on the menu. You want real food and you make that clear.

You brought bottled water and Immodium when you visited Montana.

You think foreign currency is hilarious.

If you answered true to one or more of the above you would probably enjoy:

If you answered false to one or more:

If you answered false to two or more you could add Aspen.

If you answered false to three or more, you could probably travel all over the US, all provinces of Canada excluding Quebec and parts of Great Britain.

If you answered false to four or more you could probably travely anywhere in the world except Paris.


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