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The BFD: Hollywood's Latest Diet Craze!

By Karen Craig Carter

Demi and Ashton are rumored to indulge...and so is Paris Hilton. Insiders call it "the BFD." Cynics call it "the googoo diet." But whatever you call it, you've probably heard the buzz about Tinseltown's latest diet craze, the Baby Food Diet. Some have dismissed it as another silly trend, soon to be replaced by the next big thing. But the BFD is not merely the latest food fad of the glitterati. It is a realistic weight-reduction plan founded on solid scientific principles, with a well documented record of success.

The philosophy of the BFD is that baby food is the original diet food. This is backed up by statistical data. In a study of 10,000 North American and European babies aged 9 to 15 months, it was found that all the babies consumed baby food...and every single baby weighed significantly less than 40 pounds! It is only when babies graduate from baby food to hardcore adult food that they start packing on the real weight. This elementary fact has been ignored (or, many believe, suppressed) by the nutritional/medical/dietary establishment.

Convinced? You don't need to be a member of the Hollywood elite to launch yourself on the BFD. You can do it tonight! Simply throw out your old food, go to the supermarket, and stock up on baby food (the cute little jars of strained, pureed, or minced edibles found in the baby food aisle). Then eat to your heart's content.

That very simplicity is what converted fitness celebrity Chelsea Chaymless to the Baby Food Diet. "It's based on biochemistry," she enthuses, "yet you don't need a Ph.D. to follow the BFD! There's no math or calorie counting, no hard-to-follow instructions. It's nutritionally complete, so you don't have to worry about complicated equations about vitamins and stuff." Ms. Chaymless is so convinced of the BFD's efficacy, she has already co-written a book on the subject (publication details are currently under negotiation). "There's an epidemic of obesity," she observed. "This diet is about survival."

Baby food is the ultimate comfort food, yet it appeals to the sophisticated palate. Today's infant and toddler foods come in an array of gourmet flavors and all food groups. "I love the variety," says rising TV star Mia Tarte (recently seen in an episode of "Hannah Montana" in the role of a school secretary printing out tests), who went from a size 4 to a 0 on the BFD. "I can have cereal for breakfast, broccoli and carrots with cheese for lunch, chicken lasagna for dinner, and peaches for my midnight snack. The next day, I can have four completely different meals. Or six! I'm like, 'Is this really a diet? It's too much fun.'"

As a major side benefit, the BFD eliminates cooking and kitchen clean-up chores. Most people eat their baby food directly from the jar, at home or on the go. Instead of washing dishes, they just have to rinse off a spoon.. These days, a little silver spoon hanging from a star's neck does not necessarily mean she's into cocaine!

But the key fact about the Baby Food Diet is that it really does work. Up-and-coming Hollywood agent Jason Blohardt advises all of his clients to go on the BFD. "They've both lost significant weight," he says. "In this business, you can never be too thin."

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Karen Craig Carter lives in Bernardsville, New Jersey.