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DrumYour Stress Away

By Dorne Whale

Girls, in these days of highspeed living it is all too easy to lose touch with ourselves. Sometimes we just need to touch base and reconnect with Mother Earth.

There are many ways of doing this, but one of the most effective and cheapest ways to gain relaxation is by drumming away your stress.

You are going to need a drum; a child’s plastic drum would be particularly effective as the hard plastic will produce a wonderfully loud and resonating sound. Give your drum a name –this may sound slightly kooky, but you and your drum will be going on some special journeys together so spend some time bonding with it.

Now, you need to find somewhere that you can call your sacred space. If the weather permits you could even go outdoors and interact with nature. Wear loose clothing, or none at all if you so desire and let the air circulate around your poor stressed-out body.

Begin by banging on your drum gently and slowly and listen to how it echoes around your sacred space and head. Now start to bang louder and faster – do not feel self-conscious as this is what is making you stressed in the first place. As you drum you may feel like humming or making some relaxing sound. Why not ask your drum what she/he thinks – after all, you will be bonding now. Some people find moaning is quite effective and helps to rid your body of stress.

As you drum and hum/moan remember to shut out the world and the other sounds around you. You are in a special place of your own, so do not be put off by the upstairs windows of the adjoining house being opened. Pay no attention to the neighbours opposite gathering in their gardens to watch. This is to be expected, they are probably thinking - gosh I wish I was as stress-free as her, and that drumming is so relaxing!

Feel the wind in places you have never experienced wind before [well not that sort of wind anyhow]. You may like to move around more, maybe dance – this will all help to rid your body of the evil stress residing there. Remember this is your sacred space and the crowds of people now gathering to watch are learning about the sort of person you are. Bang your drum, chant your chant and dance faster – and away from those two policemen now running across your lawn – they will interfere with your flow if you let them catch you.

You must not stop, you are in mid-flow and the evil stress has not been banished yet. Smile at the police officers, as they cover you up with a towel they have borrowed from next-door’s line and lead you to their waiting patrol car.

Feel the safety of the cosy back seat of the police car as you drum away and hum all the way to the police station [it won’t be easy being handcuffed but persist anyway]. Do not feel guilty - you are helping to rid your police friends of the evil presence of stress too.

Hang on to your drum as they gently lead you into your new sanctuary in the police cells. Listen to how the sound of the drum echoes around your safe space. If you are lucky there may be some like-minded souls in adjoining cells and they will probably shout encouragement to you as you all free yourselves from the evil of stress.

When you have finished this session shout to the friendly policemen to let them know. You might wish to bang your drum and shout quite loudly to make them hear.

Sisters – doesn’t it feel good to be stress-free?


Dorne Whale is a writing student and freelance writer who lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband Pete.To date she has published articles on her rescue greyhound and various letters.She enjoys experimenting with different styles of writing.