EST. May 2000 (AD)


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Happy Woman Holiday Party Scoop.

Well dear readers, here is the promised scoop on our annual holiday party.

We dined at Le Cirque de Soleil and what an elegant salad nibbling crew were we! (Except for one soul who wondered why they didn’t have prime rib and asked for her leftovers to be wrapped in the shape of a foil swan.) All of us looked delicious, me in particular but truthfully all the women benefitted from my skin’s youthful dewy glow .

I thought it so brave of Mags Childes to display cleavage even though at times it did look as if her head was on backwards and Savannah Lawless looked positively regal tucked in all snug in the corner of our booth. She looked even better when she regained consciousness. And I can very kindly say that Beth Hanes looked positively lifelike. Well done Beth!

The food was marvellous! I made a beast of myself and ate almost 4 ounces of foie gras and most certainly would have gone to 6 if Kate Heidel’s crying hadn’t been so embarrassing. (Oh and just as a little FYI Dagmar, a chignon is not a dessert.)

The entertainment was a little ...odd. We wanted Michael Buble but even though Irene Duma had all day Christmas Eve to book him she failed miserably. Pamela Monk did seem to enjoy the Klezmer music although not as much as she enjoyed the Pinot Grigio . We all were terrific sports though and all through the “entertainment” most of us used the time to catch up on Twitter. Christina Delia scoffed dinner rolls as if we didn’t have eyes and Pamela Miller –sorry-- Dr. Miller forgive me, sat close to the wood burning fire mewling and occasionally muttering the word “slanket”. Perhaps the Romanian music brought out her Gypsy soul. The fire certainly brought out her inhaler.

Deb Victoroff had to dash off early to meet a mystery man, it was all very glamourous and exciting and not for one second did any of us think she had hired an escort service. Not for one second. Through it all I kept the party upbeat and fun by entertaining everyone with my exceptionally interesting and wildly witty anecdotes.

For an office party it was quite nice and I look forward to doing it next year. Perhaps we should consider a system of merit when dealing with the seating chart but overall a fairly good time was had by all thanks to me.

Sharon Grehan-Howes
Editor In Chief &
Much Beloved

PS We think Loulou de la Paumardiere was armed.