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Juice Bags: Why recycle them when they can be worn?

 By Karen Nehama

Juice bags are handy pouches that hold flavored beverages such as lemonade, fruit punch and apple juice. Some brands of juice bags are recyclable, with manufacturers offering a small cash reward to participating schools who turn in used juice bags.

While that is a noble project, why not put juice bags to use in a way that will keep them in service forever?

Using just 2 or 3 boxes of depleted juice bags, you can create wearable art that will have people on the sidewalk stopping to gawk when you wear your creation in public. The two-sided nature of a juice bag is ideal for making fashion accessories such as a bikini top, wallet or wide belt.

Choose the cheerful, fruit-theme exterior of the juice bag for making a fun fashion statement or select the reverse side, with it’s sleek and shiny appearance, for an elegant look. Juice bags…they are not just for sipping from any more.

Instructions for Creating a Belt Made From Used Juice Bags

  1. Measure the distance around your waist using a flexible tape measure such as those used by seamstresses.
  2. Lay a row of clean, empty juice bags horizontally on top of a work surface.
  3. Create a length of juice bags that match the distance around your waist (cut a juice bag cut in half, if necessary.)
  4. Staple each juice bag to the one next to it, stapling each corner of every bag together until you have created a length of stapled juice bags – this will become your belt.
  5. Using a single-hole paper punch, press two vertical holes, placed on top of each other, onto the two juice bags that form the beginning and end of the row of bags.
  6. Lace a silk cord or length of pretty ribbon through the two holes, forming a closure for the belt.
  7. Enjoy your new fashion accessory!

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Karen Nehama majored in advertising journalism and currently blogs at a food and restaurant review website. She is also an advisor to a teen advice column. You may reach Nehama at