EST. May 2000 (AD)


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Diary of a Mad Date

by Sharon Grehan-Howes

June 4 Well, Malcolm hasn't called but I'm pretty sure the construction on the street has knocked the phone lines out.

Also, I blow dried my hair at noon.

June 7 Got a hang-up call today. I was pretty sure it was him and phoned him back. He claimed he didn't call, but it's hardly the kind of thing you're going to admit to is it? I must have awakened him because he didn't recognize my voice, or for that matter, my name. I told him I had free tickets to The Lion King on Saturday and he said he'd get back to me.

June 8 Ticketmaster rejected my Visa, so I have to bring down a certified cheque for $150.00. Wow, do all shows cost that much or just the ones with animals? My Mom is pretty pissed at me for canceling out on my brother's wedding Saturday, but it's not as if I'm in the wedding party or anything, and it is his second wedding. I'll be at the church.

What do you wear to a show like that?

June 10 Phoned him to find out what time we should meet and he said "For what?" He's so funny. It took me four hours to get from the church to the theatre. It's a good thing I left in the middle of the ceremony or I would have been late. God he's funny. When I woke him after the performance, he said "thank God that's over.". I laughed all the way home, the bus driver must have thought I was nuts.

I was hoping to have a drink afterwards, but he had to do laundry.

June 12 I think there's something wrong with his answering machine, because I've left a message, well actually seven, and he hasn't called. I know he's there, because his car is outside. He lives in this gorgeous neigbourhood--it's so close it only takes me three buses! If he had a dog, maybe I would run into him as he's walking it.

My mom is still not speaking to me.

June 13 There was no answer at the door, but I saw the curtains move. I held the dog's nose to the window. Malcolm was so surprised! I didn't know he had allergies, but it was great, we talked and talked and talked, and I really felt in sync with him. Too bad his kettle was boiling dry.

June 14 The Humane Society does not have an exchange or refund policy. They should really have a sign posted.


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