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By Maria Dolan

I met Brad 20 years ago when I was 19. I was working as an aerobics instructor at Club Inferno and he was a type A trying to get into shape. It went the way most love stories do: he loved the way I looked in Lycra and I loved the way he looked in his Jag.

It was a long time before we were able to be married because he had some loose ends to tie up, like his wife and three kids but finally I was wed to the man of my dreams.

Life was a fairytale for 18 blissful years until shortly after my 39th birthday I started to sense something was wrong.

Brad worked very hard. He had to work almost every night and was forced to go on business trips every weekend so I didn't think that he would have time for an affair, but there were little red flags telling me things might be going wrong. Little things like tampons in his glovebox, a brassiere stuffed behind the backseat and lipstick on his underpants.

I didn't want to doubt Brad but felt I had to say something when I caught him naked in our bed with his ex-wife's baby sitter Diane. I demanded to know what was going and he told me Diane was was interested in purchasing a Sealy Posturpedic and that she'd never slept naked on cotton sheets before. The tampons were for his ears. the lipstick was for luck and the brassiere was there for me in case of emergency.

I apologized when he got in from driving her home.

I felt terrible for doubting him and things were fine for a while but I became suspicious again after he came in one night and said "I don't love you anymore I'm moving in with Diane."