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Where's Your

Sense of Humour?

Horoscopes although accurate are complicated. Twelve signs involving moons, planets and rising signs--a lot for any gal to remember!

We discovered a hot new science that is simple to remember and will aid you in your life choices. Whether you are buying a new dress or changing career, understanding your humour can prove invaluable.

The Four Humours

Which humour are you? Find the humour that matches you best:

A) Face rather pink, muscular triangular body

B) Soft round or oval body, pale face, tendency to retain fluid

C) Hard rectangular body with yellow complexion

D) Thin body greyish face

If your body matched A then you are: Sanguine

Excess: Blood

Character traits: Kind, joyful, sexy, generally happy and optimistic.

Element: Air

Complementary Colours: Blue, Yellow--in fact any colour you like your personality will guide you through.

Accessory: Kicky purse.

Avoid: All the other humours.

Best Career Bet: Social worker, saint, model, race-car driver

Best Chance for Romance with: Sanguine

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