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Kidney Theft: How safe are you?


A Happy Woman Special Report

Let's be honest. When is the last time you gave your kidneys (or any other internal organ) a second thought?

If you answered "Never." You are not alone. In a recent poll conducted by our janitorial staff we discovered that most citizens of North America, Western Europe and parts of Australia tend to take their kidneys for granted. An astounding 93%percent of us expect our organs to work when needed and when we go out for an evening we expect to wake up with them intact.

However a brand new kind of thief is changing all that.

Organ harvesters have been targeting men and women all over the world. These thieves dope their unsuspecting victims and then sell their organs, most commonly kidneys on the black market where a kidney can command up to $10,000.

Kidney theft is one of the leading causes of death in kidney-less people. It is one of the fastest rising crimes in history according to an email we received Tuesday from dave@nospam. Not only does it leave the victim without kidneys it also leaves the victim feeling ashamed and violated.

A source close to this reporter gave a fourth-hand account of this horrifying crime.

"My friend's cousin's sister Fiona (Editors note: Fiona is not her real name. Her real name is Mary Ann Jedson) was vacationing in New Orleans. She met a man at a bar and they started talking. They hit it off and he bought her a drink.

The next thing she remembers is waking up in a bathtub filled with ice. There was a phone next to the bathtub with a note taped to it that said 'Call 911.'

Fiona did this and explained the strange circumstances to the 911 operator. The operator, well familiar with organ harvesters asked Fiona to slowly reach behind and feel if there is a tube protruding out of her back. To her horror she found one, luckily the 911 operator had all ready contacted the ambulance and Fiona was saved."

Fiona was saved, but how safe are you?

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