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Lose 57 Pounds by Christmas!

By Elizabeth Hanes


Sector B: the More Colorful Group

Collards, 3 cups, fresh, boiled* 1 hour

Spinach, 3 cups, fresh or canned (if fresh, boiled* 1 hour)

Zucchini squash, 1 cup, fresh, steamed for 2 hours

Celery, 2 ribs, diced and boiled* until mushy

Iceberg lettuce, 1 small head, shredded and boiled*

Asparagus, 1 can, boiled* 30 minutes

Lemons, 1 medium

Beets, 2 medium, unpeeled and boiled*

Eggplant, 1 small, boiled* *plus the water they're boiled in

Sector C: the Protein Group

Spam, regular or turkey, 1 can, uncooked

Anchovies, 1 tin

Sardines, 1 large tin

Potted Meat Product, 2 small cans, uncooked

Pig's Feet, pickled, 1 jar

Tripe, 1 pound fresh, well-boiled

Sweetbreads, 1 pound fresh, well-boiled

Sample Menus


From Sector A: Oatmeal

From Sector B: Beets

From Sector C: Spam


From Sector A: Rutabaga

From Sector B: Collards

From Sector C: Tripe


From Sector A: Rice From

Sector B: Lemons

From Sector C: Anchovies


From Sector A: Popcorn

From Sector B: Spinach

From Sector C: Potted Meat Product

That's all there is to it! With all the choices practically made for you, it's certain you'll manage to stay on this diet. And with the wide range of foods to choose from on the plan, you'll never get bored. Look out size 0, here we come!


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