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Jennas Diary Week By Week

November 20th

I feel awful, so sick. I can't bear going through this alone for the next…8? 9 months? I've really gone off the idea. Eck.

To make things worse Julie is driving me bat shit crazy talking about the shower. She came over last night to give me a list of games and I can't believe she expects grown women to play them. Measuring Mommy's Tummy? Guess How Many Safety Pins?  Make Julie's Baby? (This is a doozy where everyone has to predict what Julie's baby will look like. They have to pair off and after searching and clipping segments form baby magazines they have to create sort of Franken-baby.I'd love to sneak in a copy of National Geographic but I bet they'd know it was me.) Baby Bingo, Place Baby on the Mommy-a rip-off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey where Julie's the Donkey (or ass) and we all try to stick baby pictures on her belly with tape.

At my shower I want a casino.

Christine is never going to believe that I thought of these games so I'm going to have to think of something else for entertainment. No matter what happens someone is going to be mad that's for sure.

November 21st
Wayne was 15 minutes late because he overslept. We were meeting at 8. pm he is home all day and he overslept. Really.

He gave me a bear hug and a huge sloppy kiss then ordered an XL coffee and a sandwich and some soup. (With extra tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, crackers-if it's free this guy wants it.)

"Hey, I'm sorry I lost your number."

 "I didn't give you my number."

"I'm pretty sure you did."


"Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to drop by, it's just I've been so busy. I got a dog and I have to walk him like, twice a day and he wakes me up at like, 8 in the morning so I have to feed him and walk him and by the time I get back it's like, nine so I go back for a couple hours sleep and by the time I get up and make something to eat it's time to walk him again. It's crazy."

"Yeah, I think that's the word."

"So after this, you want to go back to your place and have sex? I'd ask you back to mine but I haven't had a chance to clean because my schedule is really messed up."

"Can you excuse me for a second?"

I went to the cash paid our bill and went home.

I don't care what I have to do, there is no way I want that goon in my life. No. Way.

November 22nd
I've been crying and listening to Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive" but I don't think I will.
I don't want a stupid baby now. All I wanted was some street cred, cool clothes and attention but it's not worth it. I don't believe in abortion so I have just ruined my life what there was of it.
Julie phoned and I poured my heart out to her I was relieved to know scared she was at first! What a relief!  

She talked about how much fun we will have dressing our babies up and going shopping. I might even get Adam-Byron involved in modeling. I know about child actors and all that but if I get him out of the business by the time he's five there isn't enough time to wreck his life.  It would be handy if he could earn a living because with that ass as his father we will need every penny we can get. I'm sure I'll get a hefty advance with my bestseller but I'm only about 10 pages in and I think I will need at least a hundred.

Maybe I will let him model until he's six.

I am excited now!

November 23rd
I'm going to report that doctor. Whatever happened to a good bedside manner? She was plain rude, no doubt about it.

I woke up this morning and noticed a spot of blood. Well, like anyone else I panicked and went to the  emergency room.

By the time I arrived I was bawling my eyes out. I explained to the doctor that I was miscarrying and she asked me a whole bunch of questions that had nothing to do with the baby like "when was your last period" and "when did you last have intercourse".

How the hell am I supposed to know? She took some blood and did an examination which I am sure she made purposefully humiliating.

In the middle of her examining my nether regions I farted.

She was so unprofessional. Waving her hands and screwing up her face and giving me a dirty looks. Aren't doctors used to this? How does she suppose I felt sitting with my legs splayed up in the air blowing out noxious gas?

She left the room for about an hour and then came back looking disgusted. She told me that the blood was from my period, that they are very busy, the emergency room is for people who are ill and that my stomach problem was due to intestinal distress probably caused by my diet of soup.

She recommended that I a) become more responsible and keep track of my monthly cycle so that I don't waste the time energy and resources of the health care system and b) to knock off the soup diet.

I thought I was going to fall apart when I heard that I wasn't pregnant, it was something I wanted so dearly—until I found out that I've lost 8 pounds.

Eight pounds!!!!! Whoo Hoo!

Damn. What am I going to tell Julie?

Oh, well---I've lost 8 pounds!!!!


Excerpt from Jayde An Extraordinary Woman in Ordinary Times

An Unathorized Autobiography By Jenna Thompson

Special Agent Tom McAlpine woke with a start. It was all so vivid. He remembered fragments of the dream, how Jayde had been admiring her pregnant belly in the elevator mirror, how he rushed to see her and the baby at the hospital, how the nurse told her that Jayde had left. He exhaled gratefully "Thank God it was only a dream" he said giddily and clapped his hands.

He flashed back to the day of their parting as he had done so many times since they had done so.

They'd been sitting in a bistro in Montemarte. Jayde was laughing girlishly and ordering French food in French from the menu.

She paused to sip her wine and as so often happened due to her intellect she turned solemn.

"Do you ever think Tom, of what is out there?" Clouds flew across the landscape of her green eyes as she looked off into the distance pondering. Tom memorized her profile as if he were doing what the Victorian's did when the nights were long and slow to close.

"Tom, I've got to experience more, there is so much out there I've to discover what the world holds for me."

Tom remembered the feeling. He knew the moment the words spilled from her lips that this would be the end of them. He couldn't let her go but he had to.

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