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Libby: My God you must have lost 20 pounds since Something About Mary, what did you do to pork up, did you do the Bobby DeNiro thing or did you just eat like a housewife? I mean you're gorgeous! I love to see a gal taking care of herself!

I bet I could fit a Kinder Surprise egg in your collarbone.

Calista: First of all I would prefer if weight didn't come into this, I read your interview with Rosie O'Donnell and secondly I wasn't in Something About Mary.

Libby: Are you sure? Because I distinctly remember you did that thing with the whatchamacallit and I think I have it written down.Yes, you were. It's right here in my notebook.

Now, what was Jim Carrey like to work with in The Mask , he's a tall drink of water isn't he-- did I sense sparks between you two?

Calista: That was Cameron Diaz.

Libby: You're positive?

Calista: I'm positive.

Libby: Then why do I have it written down?

Calista: I honestly don't know.

Libby: Wow you are deliciously skinny aren't you? I bet I could put a pencil between your ribs and it would stay there.

Calista: I told your people that I don't want to talk about weight, there has been too much emphasis on that. I would like to restrict the questions please to my work.

Libby: Woh, slow down, I mean, take a compliment!

O.K. your work--fine-- but first tell me what you do.

Calista: I'm in Ally McBeal.

Libby: Don't know it. When was it released?

Calista: It's a TV show....

Libby: Is that the one with the funny black kid?

Calista: No...

Libby: Cause I really like that one.

Calista: Oh.

Libby: Or that other one,That's a good one too.

Calista: Well , I play a lawyer, Ally, and...

Libby: Well, you've lost me. Do you have to pee?

Calista: No, why?