EST. May 2000 (AD)


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June 1st Dear reader, your Libby was taking a little break at a clinic when she got the phone call to end all calls. Somebody so-and so called to ask if yours truly would be interested in interviewing Jesus.

Well, excitement cut right through the tranquillizers, I dropped the phone mid-sentence and was out of there before you could say co-dependency.

On the plane ride, thousands of thoughts were floating through my head the uppermost being I had finally scooped Barbara Walters. This is was interview of a lifetime.

I met up with Jesus in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Libby: First off, I have to say that although I'm not a religious person I have great admiration for what you do.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Libby: When I heard about this interview I almost fainted, I hadn't even heard anything about it. I am really surprised that the media didn't make a bigger deal over you.

Jeremy: Well the reviews were for the most part very favourable, but there's "Millionaire" and...

Libby: Oh, I know, but you'd think at the very least you would have been given at least as much coverage as Brangelina maybe a little less, but up there. Now down to business. Let's start with your father.

Jeremy:...sure. OK.

Libby: What is like to be the son of a man who is...omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent...

Jeremy: It's Ok, I guess, because I really don't know what those words mean.

Libby: Oh right deeper meanings and all that, well, what was it like being the son of such a powerful man?

Jeremy: How do you know my father?

Libby: Even though I'm not religious, I hear things--not in the Joan of Arc way, but I hear things.

Jeremy:Well, like any father and son we've had our problems.

Libby: Did he ever think of you as maybe a bit of a show-off?

Jeremy: No, I wouldn't say that. I think he knows that I have more of an artistic disposition.

Libby: Oh, right, like those little stories in the Bible or whatever, you know like "a guy walks into a bar" only with lepers and a message?


Libby: Yeah, I think so. Well those are kind of artistic, don't you think? Instead of the ten commandments where it's rules, rules, rules, they leave room for a little interpretation.

Jeremy: I guess so.