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Lose 57 Pounds by Christmas!

By Elizabeth Hanes

Feeling blue because you need to shed some weight fast or face attending the office holiday party in that tan polyester jumpsuit AGAIN because you can't fit into the slinky black slip dress you bought several sizes too small as an inducement to lose weight? Well fret no more! Don't let your chubby cheeks be immortalized in this year's Christmas pictures when you still have time to drop 10, 15 or even 50 pounds! With this amazing new weightloss plan, you can be as bony as a cocaine fiend within weeks - and do it without going hungry (or even using cocaine).

The secret to successful dieting lies in two things, says diet psychotherapist Juliet Lundgren: not depriving yourself and proper food combining. It's that simple! "Eat all you want, with foods combined from my three patented food groups, and you'll lose all the weight you want to," Dr. Lundgren says in her new book "The Sector Diet."

Soap opera diva Therian Stokewater shed 20 pounds in two weeks on the plan, going from 105 to 85 pounds. "My show's wardrobe department was going crazy. 'Therian! Your hips are 9 inches smaller than you said they were. Now we have to alter all your costumes!' I was so excited, I couldn't stop grinning. I do have to be careful not to fall down, though."

Social climber Penelope Entwhistle, whom you've probably never heard of but that doesn't mean she's not better than you, dropped a whopping 40 pounds on the Sector Diet. "I'm embarrassed to admit I was once a size 10. But thanks to Dr. Lundgren and her sensational book, I'm now down to a size 0. And I feel great! Plus, not getting my period anymore is a huge bonus!"

So how did they do it? Dr. Lundgren graciously shares the basic plan with Happy Woman readers. Start today and by the end of December you'll have achieved that sunken-eyed, hollow-cheeked look you crave!

Rule 1: You can only eat the foods listed below.

Rule 2: You must choose at least one selection from each sector every time you eat.

Rule 3: You must eat whenever you're hungry, even if it's 27 times a day, in order to avoid feeling deprived and losing self-control.

Sector A: the Pale Group

Oatmeal, 1 cup, thin and/or overcooked

Parsnips, 2 medium, unpeeled and boiled*

Cabbage, 1 small, shredded and boiled*

Onions, white or yellow, 1 small, raw or boiled*

Lima (large, "butter") Beans, prepared from dry, 1 cup, boiled until mushy

Turnips, 1 medium, unpeeled and boiled*

Rutabaga, 1 medium, peeled and boiled*

Rice, plain, 1 cup, uncooked

Rice cakes, plain, 2 per serving

White Corn Tortilla Chips, stale, left in open container atop warm refrigerator, 3 per serving

Popcorn, plain, pre-packaged, stale, left in open container for several days, 8 kernels per serving



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